How to fix it when internet connection was gone?

If your internet is consistently being interrupted, you can try different ways to fix it depending on the source of the problem. You will see what went wrong of the internet connection by going to the Network and Internet related title in the Settings section of your computer. The problem may be happened by a connection problem between your computer and the modem, or there may be a problem with the modem accessing the internet. Windows users can take advantage of the troubleshooting functionality of Windows by clicking on the problems you faced with in this section.

First of all, make sure that you do not have any outstading payout balance. Many internet providers notify you by showing a warning with email or sms while the internet is being cut due to unpaid billing debt. Even if there is no such warning, we recommend you to check if the debt has been paid or not.

If your computer cannot identify or solve the issue, you are supposed to go to other stages.

If the problem is related to connecting to the modem

  • Try to re-connect by first turning off your network connection, wait for 10 seconds and then turning it on again.
  • Make sure your modem is working, check if the lights are on.
  • If you have already re-connected to your network but there was still no change, turn off the modem and wait for 10 seconds, then turn it on again.
  • If you are making a wired cable connection; check your computer’s cable entries and make sure it is properly initiated. If the computer has an alternative ethernet port to establish the connection, you ought to try plugging your cable into other sockets.

If your modem are not able connect to the internet

  • Try to turn the modem off in the same way and then turn it back on after 10 seconds.
  • Check the power cable of the modem and the cables which are connected to the telephone line.

What to do when the internet connection was gone?

Do yo have any trouble with your internet connection? There may be several reasons that affect your internet is gone. In cases where internet connection is being interrupted, you can detect and solve the issue with a few simple steps. You may need some support while trying to solve the problem at home. You can now learn what to do in such cases you are having problem at home from this article.

Here is simple solutions you can find in your home, when you lost your internet connection:

I lost my internet connection, what is the reason of it?

If your connection was lost, there may be several reasons listed below.

  • There may be a connection problem to reach out the modem. If your computer has trouble connecting to the modem, your internet may be interrupted.
  • Because of your outstanding unpaid balance, your connection was broken.
  • Your modem may not be able to connect to the internet. When you check the network status in the Network and Internet Settings section of your computer, you can see where the interruption is caused.
  • You may face with a problem on lines in your building infrastructure.
  • There is always possibility that a malfunction in the line of your internet provider can cause the issue.

You may be experiencing internet shortage because of the reasons listed above. In order to absorb these issues, we recommend you to start with trying as simple solutions as possible. Firstly, make sure that you do not have any internet outstanding balance.


How much quota you will spend if you watch TV series, movies and videos?

To answer the question with sample, a package of 20 GB (20480 megabytes) quota will be over in 50 hours with approximately 480p streaming video. In addition to consider other internet usages like cheking your e-mail, surfing on Facebook etc. we can say that a 20 GB quota will end after watching around 40-45 hours.

In case of packages bounded to quota (non-limitless) , there may be an interruption in internet service or additional charges according to your agreement on contract.

For this reason, you should take care to choose the quota that is suitable for your usage.

How much quota can online computer game consume?

Those people who use the internet to play online games can spend approximately how many Megabytes the game consumes per hour and how many hours it is played. Each game spends MB as data at a different rate per hour, depending on the graphics quality. You can find this information from the forums about the games you play. Once you realize how much MB the game spends per hour, you will be able to calculate how many hours you can play per day.

Apart from playing games, you should also calculate other internet usages lie watching videos, browsing web pages and social media applications by you or other users. If you are making high intensive use of data such as playing games with long hours and watching long durations videos streaming, you can use the internet with higher bandwidth by choosing high speed and high quota limited packages.

For instance, if you are playing a game consuming 100 MB of data in an hour:

  • 1000 MB of data will be over if you play 10 hours a day. This corresponds to approximately 1 GB of daily spending.
  • It shows that around 30 GB of data will be spent on the game in a month.


How Much Mbps You Should Need To Surf On Internet?

The majority of internet usage consists of videos watched, television series, films and songs. Thanks to the online platforms such as YouTube, DailyMotion, Netflix, Blu Tv so on and so forth, it became easy and popular to watch movies, television series, listen and download songs on the internet. Your internet connection speed will directly effect the quality of the videos you watched, as it was described the data transferred per second, and consuming your quota while processing. Megabytes (for 1 hour) used by the platforms of the internet based on the quality of the videos are listed as follows;

Video QualityDownloaded Data
1080p~1.3 GB

With this data expressed on table above, we will be able to calculate the connection speed required to watch a 480p series with the following formula:

(400/3600) x8 = 0.88 mbps

or 880 kbps

In this case,with the help of an internet connection that provides 8+ mbps, you will watch these series without getting locked.

The situation to be considered is that 8 mbps internet packages provide MAXIMUM 8 mbps speed and the real usage speed is lower than this. In this case, for a connection of 8 mbps, you should expect a connection speed of around 5 mbps.

As for songs, the average is between 2.5 to 5 megabytes .

You should expect an average connection of 5-6 Mbps from a connection that reach up to 8 Mbps.

How many GB of internet quota you should need?

Internet quotas are calculated on megabytes / gigabytes, not Megabits.

1 Gigabyte (GB) = 10254 Megabytes (MB).


Speed and Quota in Internet Selection

As the internet have started to become widespread throughout the world, the process of having the internet and the points are considered to get complicated. We have prepared this short guide to assist you on which type of internet you will select?

  • Speed – Mbps: With a connection of around 9 Mbps, you can watch 480p videos without archiving.
  • Quota – Gb: You can watch 50 hours of video with a 20 Gb quota. Fair Use Quota - Gb: After reaching the end of your quota, your connection speed will decrease.

What are Megabit, Megabyte and Mbps and How Does It Affect The Connection Speed?

Megabit and mbps are one of the most distinctive variables, along with fair usage quota of different tariffs in internet subscription plans. Generally people are confused between megabits, megabytes and mbps, and can not compare them in a correct way and can not choose the most suitable internet tariff to use it. So we have listed these terms meaning for people to let them understand in a best way.

What Does Megabit and Megabyte Mean?

Megabit (Mb): 1 Megabit is an information transfer unit corresponding to 1024 kilobits (Kb) or about 1 million bits. Bits are the smallest data unit that can be found in two states (0/1), which creates and defines the information (series, movies, games, writing, programs) staying in electronic devices which we use it for its status and relationships with other bits. Due to the bits reaching your computer over your internet connection, you can watch television series on the internet or the websites you surf on it.

Megabyte (MB): It is a data unit generally expressing the file size. It consists of 1 byte, 8 bits, and 1024 kilobytes (KB). For this reason, we say 1 Megabyte (MB) = 8 Megabits (Mb) = 128 Kilobytes (KB).

Mbps: This term called “megabit per second“, refers to the number of megabits downloaded in 1 second. When measuring the internet speed, you will see that being expressed in megabits (Mb). It can be measured the data downloaded as MB with your connection speed being converted from megabits (Mb) to Megabyte (MB).


  • With 1 Mbps internet speed, 1 Mb = 1/8 MB = 128 Kilobytes per second
  • With 2 Mbps internet speed, 2 Mb = 1/4 MB = 256 Kilobytes
  • With 4 Mbps internet speed, 4 Mb = 1/2 MB = 512 Kilobytes per second
  • With 8 Mbps internet speed, 8 Mb = 1 Megabyte per second
  • With 16 Mbps internet speed, 16 Mb = 2 Megabyte per second


Which factors will affect the internet connection speed?

In cases where your internet speed is lower than it should be, the following problems below or malfunctions may have occurred:

  • Signals interference because of the switch and device being too far apart
  • Much more users try to connect modem at the same time
  • Unable to reach full capacity because of a problem with your internet company’s activity
  • The distance of the connection cables that comes to your building from the internet company lines on the road.

What needs to be done to improve internet connection speed?

Resetting the modem

Sometimes the modem you reset can solve many problems. In order to reset the modem, you must first turn off the device which uses the button on the device and turn it back on after 30 seconds. If you are not sure to turn off the device, you can unplug the modem’s adapter cable, wait 30 seconds, and plug it in again. After the device become reset, it may take some time before the internet connection is re-established. You should follow if there is an internet connection from the warning lights on the modem. If you have an Internet, the Internet light on your modem is solid green.

Connecting to Fiber Cable instead of WIFI

In order to avoid any loss during data flow, you should try to connect to the internet by the help of an ethernet cable, which we can compare to a larger fixed telephone cable in your modem, instead of connecting to Wi-Fi. As we mentioned above, the best method to utilize a full internet speed for you is to get the connection with an ethernet cable.

Upgrading Internet Package

Maybe your existing internet package is not able to cover the load for your work stuffs. In this case, you should get information about your existing package and upgrade to a higher package by calling your current internet provider. With the consistently updated campaigns of the companies, you can switch to a faster package, perhaps at higher prices.

Changing Internet Service Provider

If you believe that you have tried all of the methods and not get any result to solve your internet speed issue and if you wish, you can check if there are faster packages at similar prices or even relatively higher prices in different companies to change the internet service provider.


What internet speed is required for popular applications?

Your daily activities on the internet are affected by your internet connection speed. How fast a page is opened in the browser or downloading a file or watching a movie online is related to perform all these activities in smooth and without being stuck, you are supposed to determine the internet speed that suits you.

Ideal internet speed values for all online activities

We have listed the internet speed figures which vary on applications you use for it on the internet. Accordingly, discover which internet speed values are suitable for you in different products such as applications and video games.

ActivityRecommended Speed
Movies with Netflix – the speed to watch TV showsRecommended minimum value: 1.5 Mbps Download Speed
Recommended minimum value for HD (720p quality): 5.0 Mbps download
Internet speed required to watch Youtube without being stuckRecommended minimum value: 0.5 Mbps Download Speed
Different image qualities such as 480p, 720p, or 1080p will require different internet speeds. Although 480p is sufficient for most devices, you can reach better quality 720p or 1080p values with a faster internet. Increase this value gradually on Youtube, you can keep it at the highest value you can watch without getting stuck and you can choose the same value in the next videos.
For online video games (CS: GO, PUBG etc.)Maximum recommended value: Must be low (Ping value less than 100 milliseconds recommended)
Download and upload speed values are not important here for games. Ping shows how sensitive your connection is and according to this figure, the lower the Ping value when playing video games, the better the gaming experience.
The speed required for SkypeVoice calls: 0.1 Mbps download / 0.1 Mbps upload
Video calls: 0.5 Mbps download / 0.5 Mbps upload
HD video calls: 1.5 Mbps download / 1.5 Mbps upload
The speed required for SpotifyRecommended minimum download value: 0.15 Mbp

What should your internet speed be for popular applications?

Your ADSL or Fiber connection speed will totally affect the downloading times and performances. We have listed the minimum internet speed values which arerequired for a smooth and comfortable user experience in mostly used applications:

Product / ApplicationInternet SpeedDownloading an Internet page (250Kb)An HD film (average 4GB)20 quantitfy of 8 Megapixel photos (average 500 MB)
ADSLUp to 2 Mbit/s1 second4 hours 45 minutes33 minutes 30 seconds
ADSL2+Up to 24 Mbit/s0.1 second22 minutes3 minutes
VDSLUp to 50 Mbit/s< 0.1 second11 minutes1 minute 30 seconds
FiberUp to 500 Mbit/s< 0.1 second1 minute 10 seconds8 seconds

What do the results of the Internet Speed Test mean?

Download Speed, in Megabits per second (Mbps)

The download speed measured in Mega Bit Per Second (Mbps) unit is basically the most important value to be considered in situations in which the internet speed is considered to be low. This number usually used by Internet companies to offer users while selling. Download Speed, which is the most essential indicator while determining the speed of a line, shows how fast your device speed to pull data from the internet. Generally, internet connections are offered at a much higher speed than download. Internet download speed is effective for most activities such as surfing the internet and watching online videos on YouTube etc. The higher this number, the better your internet speed.

Upload Speed, in Megabits per second (Mbps)

The opposite operation for download speed is the Upload value. If you do not want to download anything from the internet or a program, you should look at the Upload Speed value. Generally, Upload speed is measured to be much lower than Download speed. On the same way, the higher the value, the faster and better it means.

Jitter Value (Delay), in milliseconds (Ms)

The jitter value, also called Packed Delay Variation (PDV), is better if the value is low like delay. If this value, measured in milliseconds, is high, it means that your connection is not elastic, and in such cases like video calls, it is more likely that your internet will be interrupted or disconnected.

Ping in milliseconds (Ms)

The higher value, the worse. You can measure performance with ping value in ultimate while playing video game. In such cases where the download or upload values are not very important, you can realize and aware of the internet speed by looking at Ping. If this value, which shows how sensitive your internet connection is, is 100 and above, you may not get enough efficiency in some applications on Internet.


What is internet speed and why internet speed is important?

Do you think that your internet speed is quite slow? Or do you think that you are not able to get the enough speed you bought from your ADSL and Fiber internet package? Or are you curious about your internet package speed? You can use our free speed test tool below to figure out what your really speed is. You will be able to understand what the speed test numbers really mean and what you can do for it to improve the performance.

Check you ADSL or Fiber Internet Speed!

  • Stop all of your downloads
  • Close all the tabs except the window you test your internet speed.
  • Exit all the programs performing in the background or turn them to sleep mode.

What is Internet Speed tested for?

While buying internet tariffs, internet companies are requested to serving you to a speed they specified. You should aware of the fact that companies do not give exact number of megabits of internet speed. Besides, they make trick that your speed may reach up to the maximum megabits. For instance, they say that your speed may reach up to 100 megabit, but you will never reach that top number. Your actual speed may walk into 10-20 megabits. In this case, this value indicates what the maximum speed you can reach.

After testing your speed with our Speed Test tools, if you are actually getting a lower speed than your contract, you need to check for any malfunctions.

If you still have problems after checking and resetting the modem cables, we suggest you to contact your company in which you purchased the internet service. By contacting them, you can create a support ticket showing the log so that your internet speed does not seem that it should be.